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A Midsummer Night's Dream: A Queer Tale

"Meghann Tabor’s Hermia radiates with a heartwarming physicality..."

-Brian Kirst, Chicago Free Press

Photo by Tom McGrath


“In her role as Thomasina, Meghann Tabor, is at once, sweet and sharp, brilliant and sincere, hopeful and wise..."

-Joe DeRossa,

“On the surface, Arcadia seems to be about Nightingale and Jarvis, but Thomasina is central. The ingenue played superbly by Tabor is the personification of the unadulterated perfection of the universe.”

-Reno Lovison, Chicago Theatre and

The Liar

"small and spunky"

-Irene Hsiao, Newcity Stage

Photo by Tom McGrath

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