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Meghann Tabor


Meghann is a Chicago based actor and educator. A Southwestern girl surviving the Midwestern winters one show at a time. Meghann has worked with many Chicago storefront companies, including: MidTangent, The Mammals, Halycon Theatre, Fury Theatre and Urban Theater Company. Her current artistic home is Promethean Theatre Ensemble, where she acts, and plans events. During the day she herds preschoolers, and teaches Kindergarten Drama at Ronald Knox Montessori School.

The Liar

"...small and spunky magenta-gloved Clarice."


-Irene Hsiao, Newcity Stage


“On the surface, Arcadia seems to be about Nightingale and Jarvis, but Thomasina is central. The ingenue played superbly by Tabor is the personification of the unadulterated perfection of the universe.”

-Reno Lovison, Chicago Theatre and


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